Cristina Stefanelli

Project Manager at UNIMED, Mediterranean Universities Union. She has a background in Architecture and Urban Planning and she has worked for several years at the Multimedia Research Lab at the University Iuav of Venice. From 2000 onwards, she became increasingly involved in national and international projects in the field of technology enhanced learning, geo-information systems, teaching and learning technologies, 3D virtual environments and virtual mobility. She has designed and led a number of training initiatives including secondary school and university teacher training in the area of learning innovation. Next to this she has gained a significant experience in the monitoring and evaluation of small and large scale projects (R&D Framework Programmes as well as projects funded by the LLP, ALFA and Tempus), including technical and financial reporting. As an Open Education enthusiast, she has coordinated the OportUnidad project, an ALFA III action-research project aimed at fostering the adoption of Open Educational Resources in Latin America, the StartUP project, a LLP KA3 project focused on the development of entrepreneurial competences by increasing use of OER and intelligent training needs assessment, and OpenMed, an Erasmus+ Capacity Building project aimed at widening participation in Open Education within the Arab countries.