In English

Who we are

Open Education Italia is a community of experts, teachers and other stakeholders aimed at promoting Open Education in Italy, in a broad sense, in full connection with areas such as Open Data, open science, civic participation, and with particular attention the social impact of open education practices. Born in 2017 to respond to the fragmentation of the sector in Italy, the community counts with more than 50 members, active from school education to higher education to Lifelong Learning.

What we do

    • We facilitate collaboration in the field of open education among experts and institutions from different sectors (school, university, public administration, associations, museums, libraries, etc.) at national level, as well as with international initiatives.
    • We explore, value, transfer and in some cases create innovative practices in the field of open education.
    • We study the potential of open approaches in multiple areas (teaching, publishing, research …) with a view to spreading a sharing culture through open approaches.
    • We connect with national and international decision makers to ensure that the principles of open education are adopted at the individual, institutional and system level.

How we work

Open Education Italia is a non-profit community of practice. Participants collaborate (online and through periodic meetings) through the sharing of ideas, experiences and resources, respecting of individual and collective rights as defined by law and intellectual property.
Open Education Italy has not elected spokespersons. The most active members of the network, defined on a voluntary basis and constantly updated, are responsible for moderating the discussion in the mailing list, updating the website, protecting the personal data of the people who come into contact with the community and sharing information on initiatives of interest to the community.

Principles and values

Participants recognize themselves in the following principles and values:

  • The objective of education  must be to break down all the barriers not necessary to access, use and completion of educational and training activities, in compliance with the law and personal inclinations;
  • Access to educational resources is a matter of social justice and the right to education is guaranteed by international human rights papers and by the Italian Constitution in art. 34;
  • The digital revolution offers innovative and potential opportunities for education at all levels, in the perspective of continuous learning (Lifelong Learning): our network is committed to ensuring that these opportunities are as much as possible directed to a fair development of all the levels of society, favoring public initiatives and supporting the opening of educational resources as a tool for free access and, as far as possible, free education.